2018 Summer Wednesdays

Season details for Wednesday Development Season:
• Games Start on April 4th 2018 at the Western Fair
• Start times between 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm
• $330 (taxes in)
• Teams of 10 + a goalie
• Teams picked randomly each week
• 26 games of 50 minutes each
• No contact, no fighting, no refs, no BS
• Goalie stoppage – blue line clear / Goal – red line clear
• Any offside or other infractions are decided upon by team captains and dealt with accordingly
• This is a laid back skate so please help other players grow with the experience you bring to the ice
• Any problems on the ice – please bring it up to the organizer
• Any punch thrown in malice results in immediate dismissal of the player without refund of season fee

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