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Generals Back On TOP!

What can be said about this amazing finals….well, there once was a bald dominatrix named Joe, he had won three titles in a row. On the way to his fourth he met a foe named Captain Cody aka the OG Fat prick. Captain Cody slammed the door shut on Joe’s hopes of making it four thus claiming the title for his own.


Three Peat Joe



It was a hell of a season with many ups and downs for many of the HL teams. Holman, playing in his last season as Captain of the Green Machine ECO dominated the season 8-1-1 only to fall to eventual three-peat champions LIUNA Joe in the Semifinals.

Season Notables:

The Kiwi Vince Mitalas held steady with a stellar 3.67 GAA

Jeff Baxter and Tristan Balint shared points like they share shower towels with 31 a piece on the season.




Congratulations to LiUNA 1059 for their second consecutive Moosehead Cup
since joining the league as a new sponsor last season.
Joe Snook has done a great job picking the right pieces winning the finals
2:1 in shootout over Precision Auto Works

POINT PRODUCTION – Balint Tristan  G 15 | A 15 | PTS 30 | PPG 2.31 FitzRays Flyers

GENO MACHINE – Balint Tristan  G 15 | FitzRays Flyers

LICENSE TO PASS – Warner Jay        A 18 | Precision Auto Works

THE WALL – Walker Bill        GAA 2.17  W% 66.7    First General London

TOP FREE AGENT – Almond Steve    G 5    A 3   PTS  8  PPG 1.33  Spare

On that note, we’re looking forward to the re-draft of the teams and get
going next week with the new teams

Captain Joe Snook, the veteran, the grinder, the heart and soul of the Liuna 1059er’s led his team to victory. The 1059er’s took home the Moosehead Cup in their inaugural season in the HLHL. Congrats boys you earned it!

Season Super Stars:

Vezina: Vince Mitalas held down a 3.50 GAA over 12 games.

Rocket Richard: Matt Johnson was an absolute snipe show with 21 goals in 12 games.

Appletini: Chris Mcinerney won top playmaker with 20 assists in 11 games.

MVP: Tristan Balint aka “The Ron” was huuuge this season with 35 points in 13 games.

SUPER SPARE: Dhurim “The Dream” Ismaili was clutch with 14 points in 9 games as a free agent.


Captain Cipek’s PAW Returns to Dynasty Form

Congratulations to Captain Jr. Gluchowski on his team’s epic rise to cup champions! #1 Tapesht GM in the league for sure!

paw champs summer 16

The return to form by the PAW dynasty can be summed up by their incredible 1st place regular season stats:

Precision Auto Works GP12 W7 L3 T2 P16 GF72 GA57 GD15…..if you don’t know what those stats mean, quit hockey. What a season!

Of course no champs summary would be complete without a shout out to the season stand outs:

Vezina Trophy: Matt Davis for league leading 49GA and a 4.08GAA
Rocket Richard Trophy and Art Ross Trophy: Jay Warner with an unbelievable 39Pts and 22G in 12GP
Sir Isaac Newton Trophy: Tristan Balint with a very unselfish and league leading 19A
DJ Khaled Award for All I do is win: Gary Walker, John Thompson and Jeff Baxter for sporting the best win percentage with a 70.0% (minimum 10 games played)
Top Free Agent Award: Perennial winner Kevin Overholt with a sexy 20Pts.


Captain Bojangles does it again!!! STS CHAMPS SPRING 2016

It was another season to remember as underdogs the green machine ECO faced off against the big smoke STS in the Moosehead Cup Spring Finals 2016. The Big Smoke started off hot taking and early and dominant 3-0 lead. With Captain Cody Bojangles quoted on the bench saying “fuck ya I’m proud of my team we each had a six pack and a bowl of Marshall’s pasta before the game so the fact we can even move is amazing.”

With the final all but wrapped up the Green Machine were able to find another gear led by Captain John Tigerbeer and pulled back two quick goals to make it a close 3-2 game. When asked about his team’s heart and grit on the bench Tigerbeer said “I might be old but these boys have grit to them, like grizzled vets, like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revanant. Win or lose these boys deserve an Oscar and a cold PBR.”

The game was on the line, the prize of taking reflected nude selfies in the Moosehead Cup was within each team’s grasp. The Big Smoke and Cap’n Bojangles quickly stoked the fire and blew 2 more goals along with an empty netter to take all the steam out of The Green Machine and make the final score 6-2.

After the win, league MVP Jeff “played well” Baxter was spotted celebrating at a local McDonalds devouring McGangBangs and Rootbeer. Perhaps the secret diet to elite play?

A classic final between two classic teams and their captains.

HL Spring 2016 Awards:

#1 tapesht goalie: Ryan Gregory with 5.00 GAA

The pretty good scorer award: Sheldon Thompson with 17 G in 8 GP

#1 Appletini maker: Jeff Baxter with 22 A in 10 GP

The super spare award: Kevin Overholt with 19 PTS in 6 GP

#1 Top Guy Overall: Jeff Baxter with 33 PTS in 10 GP


Memorial Cup Champs 2016

Well looked who popped by for a rip… thanks goes out to Jeff Kelly and London Knights players Mitch Marner and Owen MacDonald for giving our hockeylife league an awesome experience. #classacts #beauties


2015 Winter Champs – Men in Black

Another great season in the books of HL history. The Men in Black of the Fitzray’s Flyers took a close game in the end to take home the coveted Moosehead Cup!


Fall Champs – The Green Machine

Another awesome fall season has come and gone and with it we have new keepers of the Moosehead cup! Congratulations captain John Holman and your team of Hulks.


Season Notables:

Tapesht Tendy – Davis 3.78 Goals Against Average

Tapesht Sniper – Buttenham 21 Goals

Tapesht Helper – Baxter 21 Assists

Tapesht Overall – Buttenham 36 Points & 2.77 Points Per Game

Tapesht Super Spare – Kustermans 6 Goals, 8 Assists, 11 Points