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Jul 15

My Big Fat Grey Champs

What a season! A new champion and keeper of the Moosehead Cup has emerged. Congratulations to Captain Cody Inglis and his band of speedy little bastards on their epic 5-1 win over Captain Joe Snook and the ABT gang.

Season awards go to:

Top Tendy: Steven Wild “Thing”

Super Sniper: Jay “The Dark Knight” Warner (Top Goals, Points and PPG)

Apple Machine: Chris “The Teacher” Alpaugh

Super Spare: Kevin “Dreamboat” Overholt

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Jul 4

Farewell to an HL Legend

On Thursday July 2nd we bid farewell to an HL legend. A captain an assist machine and a great friend to all at Hockeylife. We wish you all the best in Kingsville Jason. You’re welcome back any time and don’t ever stop saucing passes from the corners.


May 1

HL iPhone Backgrounds

Take HL with you wherever you go…

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Apr 9

FRP Repeat for Moosehead Cup Winter 2015

HL_3806The on ice battles intensified in the quest for cup during the 2015 winter season. The level of play has been officially stepped up with team’s gelling quicker and playing better than ever. During this season’s playoffs team PAW pulled up a double upset in rounds 1 and 2, knocking out ABT and STS respectively while cup favourites FRP cruised to another finals birth. The deciding game was close up until FRP burst in with 2 unanswered goals midway through the game and PAW just couldn’t chase any longer. Congratulations to the entire FRP squad on retaining their beloved Moosehead Cup.

Honorable Season Mentions:

Goaltender of the Season: Jon Rundle with a 3.63 GAA

Snipers: Tristan Balint and Chris Mcinerney with 26 goals each

Apple Specialist: Carson Shold with 25 assists

Player Supreme: Chris Mcinerney with 42 points

Super Spare: Amber Beattie with 18 points

FRP Moosehead Cup 2015 Roster: Chris Alpaugh, Chris Brooks, Jonathan Brougham, Mike Brown, Jonathan Burgess, Chris Goss, Kyle Hall, Cory Knott, Dave Reynolds, Andy Sparks, Jamie Slade