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Jan 17

Fall Champs – The Green Machine

Another awesome fall season has come and gone and with it we have new keepers of the Moosehead cup! Congratulations captain John Holman and your team of Hulks.


Season Notables:

Tapesht Tendy – Davis 3.78 Goals Against Average

Tapesht Sniper – Buttenham 21 Goals

Tapesht Helper – Baxter 21 Assists

Tapesht Overall – Buttenham 36 Points & 2.77 Points Per Game

Tapesht Super Spare – Kustermans 6 Goals, 8 Assists, 11 Points

Oct 14



Sep 6

2015 Charity Golf Tournament

It was another year of slices, hooks, slips, trips and falls and of course a few Happy Gilmore’s. Another successful charity golf tournament at Twin Streams Golf Course in Delaware, ON.

$1050 was raised and goes straight to itsy charity to help out families with premature babies and the financial struggles with its associated costs. A huge thank you goes out to all of sponsors for making all of it possible and for all the great lads who came out to play and support a great cause.


Jul 15

My Big Fat Grey Champs

What a season! A new champion and keeper of the Moosehead Cup has emerged. Congratulations to Captain Cody Inglis and his band of speedy little bastards on their epic 5-1 win over Captain Joe Snook and the ABT gang.

Season awards go to:

Top Tendy: Steven Wild “Thing”

Super Sniper: Jay “The Dark Knight” Warner (Top Goals, Points and PPG)

Apple Machine: Chris “The Teacher” Alpaugh

Super Spare: Kevin “Dreamboat” Overholt

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