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May 1

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Apr 9

FRP Repeat for Moosehead Cup Winter 2015

HL_3806The on ice battles intensified in the quest for cup during the 2015 winter season. The level of play has been officially stepped up with team’s gelling quicker and playing better than ever. During this season’s playoffs team PAW pulled up a double upset in rounds 1 and 2, knocking out ABT and STS respectively while cup favourites FRP cruised to another finals birth. The deciding game was close up until FRP burst in with 2 unanswered goals midway through the game and PAW just couldn’t chase any longer. Congratulations to the entire FRP squad on retaining their beloved Moosehead Cup.

Honorable Season Mentions:

Goaltender of the Season: Jon Rundle with a 3.63 GAA

Snipers: Tristan Balint and Chris Mcinerney with 26 goals each

Apple Specialist: Carson Shold with 25 assists

Player Supreme: Chris Mcinerney with 42 points

Super Spare: Amber Beattie with 18 points

FRP Moosehead Cup 2015 Roster: Chris Alpaugh, Chris Brooks, Jonathan Brougham, Mike Brown, Jonathan Burgess, Chris Goss, Kyle Hall, Cory Knott, Dave Reynolds, Andy Sparks, Jamie Slade

Jan 12

Moosehead Cup Fall 2014

Moosehead Cup 2014

Another HL season has come to an end with some familiar faces breaking through the league leaders categories. The number one stopper of pucks goes to the best bearded man in HL, Nico Loberto holding out with a 3.45 GAA and an impressive save percentage of .818! Leading the league in ginos is the man who always “plays well” Jeff Baxter putting up an impressive 22 goals, 41 points and an even more impressive 3.42 PPG. When it comes to helpers you know what they say, “an apple a day keeps the splinters away” and the best in the biz is John “Tye Dye” Holman with his chart topping 20 assists on the season. When it comes to super spares look no further than Chris “The Boss” Goss and Kevin “I’m so better than Amber” Overholt as this seasons top free agents with 14 points each. Congratulations goes out to Captain Andy Sparks and his Fitzrays Premier Team on winning the last Moosehead Cup of 2014!

Looking forward to another great year in 2015 and remember….keep your stick on the ice kids.

-HL Web Team


Jan 2

League Rules


  1. Goal: When a goal is scored, the scoring team must give the red line for play to resume.
  2. Frozen Puck: When a goalie freezes the puck the offensive team must give the opposition the blue line.
  3. Icing: When the puck is iced, the opposing team’s goaltender is allowed to freeze the puck outside of the crease. The team who iced the puck must then give the opposition the blue line.
  4. Offsides: Offsides are to be called by the defensive team should a clear offside infraction occur. The offensive team must then relinquish the puck to the defensive team for play to resume.
  5. Aggressive Hooking, Slashing, Tripping, Crosschecking, Contact, etc: Any illegal infractions of any kind are not permitted EVER. Accidental infractions should be dealt with by ensuring the other player is OK and relinquishing possession of the puck to the opposing team. (Discrepancies on the extent of an infraction will vary and should be dealt with in a gentlemanly way on the ice). Any repeated overtly aggressive play within a game will result in that player being ejected from the game. Repeat offenders will be dealt game suspensions. If an issue occurs and goes unnoticed, DO NOT RETALIATE. Speak with your team captain and they will then address the situation with the opposing team’s captain.
  6. Fighting or Thrown Punches: Fighting or the throwing of punches are never permitted under any circumstances. Guilty parties will be immediately ejected from the game and receive a permanent dismissal from the league without refund of league fees.