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Apr 11

Hockey Hearts

On Saturday April 7th, The entire Hockeylife crew met at Fitzray’s Lounge with Brayden and his lovely family. For those who don’t know Brayden, he is a strong, brave and bright little boy who has battled brain cancer. We were happy to share lunch and drinks just enjoying the company and life but…we had a little surprise for Brayden.


This past summer at our annual charity golf classic, the entire hockeylife league raised a record amount of funds and with those funds we were able to supply Brayden with a top of the line laptop with voice recognition software, external hard drive and headset with speakers. These tools will help Brayden as he continues his education after cancer. If you asked us though Brayden seemed to like to “BIG” backpack he got with his new stuff.


After recent events involving the Humbolt Broncos tragedy, being able to see the smile on Brayden’s face upon receiving his gear just reinforced how strong the hockey community really is. We hope as league members you stand proud knowing that because of you a little boy can thrive and that together we are all bigger than something other than¬†ourselves.


- Nathan Moniz

Apr 4

Generals Dominate For B2B

The Generals lead by Captain Cody finished off a dominate season by beating major underdog PAW 2-0 in a SO win. Congrats to all the boys that put in such a solid effort.

Season Notables:

Brick Wall: Derek Degagne 3.08 GAA

Sniper and Points: Tristan Hatfield 19 Goals and 35 Points (2.92 PPG)

Helpers: Chris Alpaugh 19 Assists

Top Free Agent: Amber Easter 18 Points in 8 games (2.25 PPG)

Team Sponsor: First General Property Restoration Specialists


Feb 11

Generals Back On TOP!

What can be said about this amazing finals….well, there once was a bald dominatrix named Joe, he had won three titles in a row. On the way to his fourth he met a foe named Captain Cody aka the OG Fat prick. Captain Cody slammed the door shut on Joe’s hopes of making it four thus claiming the title for his own.


Oct 7

Three Peat Joe



It was a hell of a season with many ups and downs for many of the HL teams. Holman, playing in his last season as Captain of the Green Machine ECO dominated the season 8-1-1 only to fall to eventual three-peat champions LIUNA Joe in the Semifinals.

Season Notables:

The Kiwi Vince Mitalas held steady with a stellar 3.67 GAA

Jeff Baxter and Tristan Balint shared points like they share shower towels with 31 a piece on the season.